Keratin Treatments

Treatment Types

 Hair by Glenn  uses three different Hair Keratin Products to smooth, straighten and  control curly, frizzy and highly textured hair. Different hair requires  different treatments to obtain optimal results.   

Smoothe and Straighten

For Truly unruly and coarse hair this treatment will smooth and straighten even the most challenging hair. Designed to last a minimum of 12 weeks and for some hair a maximum of 16 to 20

Smoothe and soften

Still want to keep body? This treatment will soften the cuticle and still keep the volume for those clients who like a fuller result.

Treat Dry, Fluffy and Frizzy Hair.

Sometimes hair just needs a little pick me up. This treatment lasts up to 8 weeks and designed for hair that is just needing a slight pick me up.


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"Do Keratin treatments have dangerous chemicals?"

No. The original treatments were taken off the market because they contained chemicals dangerous to humans. All have now been reformulated and are 100 % safe to use