Curly Hair

We Love Curly Hair

 With many curly-haired family  members, Glenn has an innate understanding of how to tame those unruly  locks! At the very beginning of his training Glenn discovered that curly  hair behaves very differently from straight hair - and through many  trials and difficulties came to understand the remarkable difference of  wonderful curls.  


 Cutting techniques for curly  hair are very different from those for straight locks. Thinning,  texturising and razor techniques need to be drastically changed when  working on curl.  

Styling Curls

 Glenn loves the way that curls  behave and has discovered many useful tips on styling to create  beautiful curly hair. Products do help greatly and understanding how  curly hair behaves is the secret.  

Curly Hair Tips


  • Curly hair should never ever be brushed.  
  • Always comb curly hair when it is wet.  
  • Blow-waving curls  should always be done with a diffuser, or gently scrunched with the heat  directed into the hand, not on the hair.  
  • A spray bottle of  water with a little conditioner mixed in is a handy tool for the second  day after you have slept on your hair to re-invigorate those curls. 

Keratin Treatments

For truly coarse and unruly textured hair, Keratin treatments have bought much joy and peace of mind to those clients looking for smooth and shiny results


Do Keratin treatments dry out the hair?

Answer: Keratin treatments are just that; a treatment that strengthens, softens and tames unruly hair.